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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I got what you need...giggles

Hello friends both new and old.

When I prayed and hoped and wished to be a writer I thought all I would have to do is write. LOL Silly me.

I finally got the paypal up and running. If you click here you can order the book, The Boogie Down Princess Speaks for $10.00, the CD of me spitting all of the pieces in the book plus a bonus piece for $10.00 or the book and the CD for $15. All of these prices are plus shipping and handling

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I am new at everything but the writing. Walk with me as I grow.

Mad love to every single person who supports my dream. Smooches!

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  1. Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow (8pm eastern)! =]We're discussing and debating it all out. Be there to set the record straight!

    We LOVE all that you have to say here on your site =].

    <3 FWB